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Egg Votive Cups

This tutorial was written using PSP 7.02 but should be able to be done in PSP6 with a few adjustments.
This tutorial uses selections and a flame psp file (included) .
We will be making one candle here.

You will need:

Jasc's PaintShop Pro-Get it HERE
My zip files-Get them HERE
Unzip to the selections and the flame into a folder of your choice.

Open a New Image.
200 x 300 16 million colors - transparent

Step 1
Go to Layers/New Raster Layer name it bottom
Go to Selections/Load from Disk and load candlebottom.sel
Change foreground color to #B5B7FD and background color to #D8D9FA.
Now change foreground to gradient
Flood fill gradient Foreground-background

Step 2

Invert selection
Go to Effects/3D/Drop Shadow and use these settings.

Keep Selected

Step 3
Apply Drop shadow again but change the Horizontal to -6

Step 4
Take your selection tool set to rectangular and select just the very bottom of the cup and hit the delete button to make a flat bottom.

Step 5
Go to Layers/New Raster Layer name it top.
Go to Selections/ Load from disk and select candletop.sel
Invert the gradient and flood fill

Step 6
Invert the selection
Go to Effects/3D/Drop Shadow and use these settings.


Step 7
Go to Layers/New Raster Layer name it back
Go to Selections/Load from disk and select candleback.sel
Flood fill with the dark color #B5B7FD

Step 8
Invert selection,
Go to Effects/3D/ drop shadow and apply these settings.


Step 9
Go to layers/arrange/send to bottom

Step 10
Open up the flame.psp file
Go to edit copy

Step 11
Click on Layer 1
Go to Edit/Paste as a new selection.
Move the flame to the center of the candle holder.

I suggest that you hide the top layer and merge the bottom layers together.

This way you can arrange as you want.

Step 12
Click on Merged Layer
Go to Effects/3D/Drop Shadow and apply these settings.

Go to Top Layer and apply the same settings.

We have made one Egg Votive Cup. You can make many different colors in just a few minutes and arrange as needed.

If you have any questions, send me emailHERE

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