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Deviled Eggs


What would a picnic be with out deviled eggs.
We are going to make one egg and you can arrange them on a plate of your choice

This tutorial was done in PSP8 but I am sure it can easily be adapted to PSP7

Download eggcanvas HERE

Open Egg Canvas in PSP.

Click on the bottom layer and load the bottom sel from the alpha channel

Flood fill with #D6D0D0

Invert selection and apply drop shadow.


Click on the top layer and load top.sel from alpha channel

Flood fill white.


Adjust Softness/soften

Click on the yolk layer and load yolk.sel from alpha channel

Flood fill with #FBDE57

Pick up the air brush. Make forground color #790921

See graphic for settings

Spray a some of the color on top. The more color, the darker the yolk.

click on the warp brush with these settings.

just push the yolk all around until you get something you like.

now add a drop shadow.

Click on the paprika layer and change foreground color to #CD1D1D

Use the air brush again, same settings and spray on some paparika.

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