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Checkers Game


Relax at our Picnic playing a game of checkers.

This tutorial was written with PSP8 but you can do it in PSP7.

1. Open a new image transparent 288 x 288 with 200,000 pixels per inch

NOTE: In PSP8 you can use the script Grid Maker and type in 36 then skip to Step 5.

2. View Grid and change setting to 36 pixels Horizontal and Vertical.

3. Add a New Layer
4.Use grid to draw square blocks with color #808080.
Make sure you go all the way to the edges.

5.New Layer and flood fill with #C00020. Move down below the grid layer.
Layers/merge visible and then you can turn off the view grid.

6.Use the magic wand to select every other square.
Selections/Modify/expand by 1
Add a new layer and flood fill squares with black.

7. Change background color to red #FF0000 and foreground Null.
Use Preset shape Eclipse. Hold down shift key to make a perfect circle and fit it into one of the Black Squares.
Effects, inner bevel and use the soft edge preset.


8. New Layer
Change the background color to gray #808080
Use Preset shapes Eclipse and hold down the shift key to make a circle to fit in one of the squares.
Use same inner bevel but change the ambiance to -56

9.Go to edit copy and copy the black checker.
Now hit control and E to paste as a new image and place it in another black square.
Continue doing this until you have 12 black checkers.

10.Click on Red checker layer and follow the same directions for copy and paste as new image until you have 12 red checkers.

11. Layers/Merge all.

12.Go to Image/add borders and change color to #808080 symmetric size 10

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