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Please DO NOT copy this tutorial or upload to another site.
You may download it to work off line or print if you wish.

File new 500 x 200
Click on text tool, Choose a fat text and make it large, mine is 72
Click on create as selection.
Type your text.

Open up your glitter graphic you want to use.

Click on the pattern selection on your paint pallet.
Select the glitter pattern, Make scale at 100%
Flood Fill text. Selections none.

Now edit copy and then edit paste as a new image.
this will get rid of all the extra space.

Go back to your original text image and undo until you have just the ants again.
Click on you glitter fill and change the scale to 75 %
Flood Fill the letters again. Deselect.

Edit copy and then go to the new graphic you just made.

Edit paste as a new layer.

This will make them stay right on top of one another.

Back to the original text image and repeat above directions only make the scale 50%

Now you should have 3 layers on your new graphic.
You can close the original image, the one we copy and paste from.

Save this graphic in psp format.
If you save in psp format you don't have to make 3 different graphics.

On to animation shop.

Open animation shop and click on the Animation Wizard.
A box will pop up. select Same size as the first image.
select Transparent
click next

select Upper left corner of frame and with the canvas color
Click next

Click yes repeat the animation indefinitely
put 25 in the little box.
Click next.

Click Add image and scroll to where you save your text in psp format.
You should have 3 frames showing.
Your all done.

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2002 by Nancy Hollinger