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Love On The Net

Love On The Net

We come on the net just seeking friends

Before we know it, something begins.

Our talks turn to hugs and kisses

Leading on to love and wishes.

Our thoughts and feelings become so real

And most of the time hard to conceal.

Then comes the feeling you want to leave

Friends and family you do deceive.

You start hoping and thinking and packing your things

Then you realize your just one of his flings.

The time you spent together was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

You just keep on hoping he'd be your mate.

Time has come for the relationship to end

But your not ready so you agree to be friends.

You try to go on with life at home

All the time wishing he'd at least phone.

Your Special Guy doesn't call for a week

The situation is starting to look bleak.

Your love on the net is in your heart

While your life at home is falling apart.

Just when you think the hurts going to end

You get a message from your dear friend.

Seeing his name flashing on ICQ

Is enough to start the feelings anew.

You talk to him and just get a hug

Boy, at your heart strings it does tug.

You find yourself crying softly as you talk to him

Thinking about how things could have been.

Time to say goodbye again

He will be back but who knows when.

You ask yourself, once again

Will this hurt ever end?

Now the question is? Do you really want it to end or is it

better to hurt this way then to never hear from him again?

I don't know the answer to that!!!!!!!!!

Is there such a thing as a soul mate?

Why do I feel that I need to be faithful to this man?

I don't know. Love on the net can be a beautiful

experience for some and very hurtful to others.

Please know who and what you are dealing with

before you get involved with someone on the net.

Share this wine and grapes with your special friend.

I will hope and pray that your relationship never ends.

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