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Jason's Page

Jason is our second grandson and a real delight.
He is very good at drawing as you will see.
He has a great eye for details in all his drawings.

I am putting some of his older pictures on this page and he doesn't like it but grandma is proud of all of the kids and their pictures.

Here he is clowing around in his big brothers clothes.

Here he is with one of our baby goats in the summer of 2001 when he came to spend a couple of months with us on the farm.

Here are a few of the drawings that he has done.

He drew this one last year while he was visiting.

This is a picture of our lovebird done by Jason.

This is the first animation he learned how to do with Mom Mom's help.

I just love this one he drew and it shows the great details he puts in his work.

I hope that he can continue in his drawing and possible make a career out of it.

To see some of the tattoo's he is designing click here.Tattoo's By Jason