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We no longer raise pygmy goats but thought you would like to read about our journey. We only have 2 goats now, one that came with us from NC and a new one we got for the grandkids to enjoy.

How did you get interested in Pygmy Goats, you may ask?
We want our site to be one that those familiar with Pygmy Goats will find interesting and those that know
little of Pygmy goats will find informative and educational. We hope to be able to include pictures of our
goats and those of others that you will find interesting, cute, and sometimes humorous. When we can we
will include information on goats for sale so that our visitors can look into having one of our loving goat
friends move into your lives and homes and captivate you as they have us.

My daughter Cheryl introduced me to the Pygmy goat. She and her sons came home one day and told
me that they had visited a farm in Henderson, NC, where they had instantly became interested in the "cute
little goats." Cheryl said that she had been offered the opportunity to buy two does (female goats) which
would be bred before we picked them up to bring them home, thus guaranteeing that we would
eventually have additional goats in our "herd."

Well, I said okay, let's go look at the goats. Needless to say, we went, I saw, I liked, and we bought the
two does which were pregnant when we brought them home. Anabel was pregnant and Star Light
proved not to be.

We quickly fell in love with the two ladies. They have distinct personalities that endear them to you as
time passes. We thought having these two was terrific and we were anxious for Anabel's babies to be born.

They were born in September, 1997; three bucks!!! Three bucks at one time is very unusual. We were
present at the births and assisted in bringing the little guys into the world. We thought the mature goats
were cute, we weren't prepared for the babies (kids).

They were nine inches long and nine inches tall when they were born. When Anabel got them all cleaned
up, they were little balls of fuzz that we just couldn't put down. I would sit in the pen and hold them
until my back felt like it would break. What a stress releiver it is to be able to spend time with those little
guys and their mom's.

The boy's were in their first National Pygmy Goat Association (NPGA) show in November, 1997 and
they all won ribbons. Sparkle won Reserve Junior Champion and we have high hopes for him at the
April 1998 show at the Agricultural Center on Burlington Road, Greensboro, NC. The show is
sponsored by the North Carolina Pygmy Goat Club. We are members of both organizations and our
goats are registered with the NPGA.

NPGA has more than 50,000 goats registered at this time and the number is growing. The purpose of
the organization is to promote the Pygmy Goat and educate owners and interested folks in the breed

We will have links to these organizations on our page, as well as links to other goat related sites in the
near future. COME ON BACK...often!

Pictures of our goats.

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